Free Speech Zones

Yesterday I posted a picture that was captured from a webcam on 14th and Pennsylvania Avenue. The picture, as you can see below, shows a protester holding up an over the top sign from behind a fence. In the post I stated that it looked as though the protestor was in a “Free Speech Zone,” one of those nice little pens used so frequently by our President to shield him from reality.

One of the contributors over at The Asylum, a conservative blog I link to and read frequently, decided to call me out on this post. What I find interesting is that he has decided take a position supporting these “Free Speech Zones” that is oddly reminiscent of the position that created the Sedition Act of 1918 (under a Democratic administration mind you) outlawing political dissent as treason. It is basically the same old slippery slope political argument the right uses with everything else, “we had to pen up the protestors because they could hurt someone…those crazy anarchists.” Quote…

You can tell it is a liberal protest because of the violence and vulgarity.

Feel the tolerance.

I think this is a discussion worth having so I urge you to head over to the thread and nicely provide your 2 cents.

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