Just a quick hello from a new writer. I live in a red state therefore I’m happy to find myself in Comments From the Left Field. Thank you Goose for giving many of us a place where we can find comfort and reliable information in a time when our country’s leaders are leaving us in despair. Last week in my home state of Georgia, a sense of hope was ignited when a U.S. District Judge ruled Cobb County School Board’s decision to apply evolution disclaimer’s on high school biology textbooks as unconstitutional. Once again, the fundamentalists of the south did their best to embarass we inner-city progressives with their radical conservative agendas – but for now, they have been defeated by the wisdom of common sense judiciary. In fact, the judicial branch is currently the only place in government where many of us can find reasoned thinking in this Bush-driven era of insane ideology, though the Bushies are fiercely working to change that as well. There is no doubt that the President and his ‘clan’ will view the Cobb County ruling as “judicial activism” neglecting the extreme activist behavior of the Cobb school board itself. I’m wondering what the conservative retaliation forces have in store for us; perhaps a proposed constitutional amendment requiring evolution disclaimers on all U.S. high school textbooks? I wouldn’t doubt it at this stage! Farewell for now – I look forward to the opportunity to share thoughts and stand up to the true “evil-doers”…

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