Morality In The Real World: What Is Morality?

One of the biggest issues raised by GW Bush in the last U.S. Presidential election was “morality”. (Let’s not talk about the many immoral things he did during the campaign.) So, for the sake of discussion, let’s say that you are one of the 51% of the people (that took time to vote) who voted for GW Bush. Since GW Bush specifically targeted Christian groups, and since 75% or more of the US population claims to be Christian, for the sake of discussion let’s say that you voted for GW Bush because of your Christian moral beliefs. Based on that assumption:

– GW Bush made a lot of noise about being opposed to “gay marriage”. So, you are opposed to “gay marriage” on moral grounds. Fair enough. Let’s say GW Bush proposes a Constitutional Amendment that outlaws “gay marriage”, two-thirds of both the House and Senate pass it, and three-quarters of all state legislatures approve it. The Constitutional ban against “gay marriage” becomes the Prohibition of the 21st Century.

As a result, gay couples find life increasingly difficult. Their already limited rights as couples becomes even more restrictive. Among many other things, they are legally prohibited against making critical decisions for each other, particularly when one is incapacitated or dying, and are not allowed to be with each other at the very times they need companionship the most.

Most will remember that it was the Conservative Christian movement that pushed through this Constitutional Amendment. Few gay individuals ever again consider giving their lives to God. Is abandoning people to eternal condemnation not a greater tragedy than the gay lifestyle? Remember that John 3:16 says “WHOEVER believes in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life”. Even if you believe that a gay lifestyle is sinful, you have no power to change it; only God does. Who knows what that individual could become?

One of the finest pastors I know was convicted of murder many years ago, and spent eight years of a 30 year sentence in prison. He’s since dedicated his life to spreading the Gospel among prisoners. How many souls would be saved by a pastor who once lived the gay lifestyle?

– GW Bush made a lot of noise about being opposed to abortion. So, you are opposed to abortion on moral grounds; after all, one of the Ten Commandments is “thou shall not kill”. Fair enough. Let’s say GW Bush packs the Supreme Court with ultra-conservatives, they overturn Roe v. Wade, and abortion is illegal.

As a result, abortions are driven back underground. Unfortunately, there are NO good statistics on abortion before Roe v. Wade (I searched the Internet for about two hours). I have seen estimates of numbers of abortions per year ranging up to as many before Roe v. Wade as there were after. Unfortunately, even if the actual number of abortions drops, many women will have them performed illegally. This opens the door for those who would take advantage of women who want an abortion, resulting in an increase in permanent reproductive damage, or even death. Even those who are “ripped off” have no legal recourse, since the procedure is illegal.

Even worse, the number of unwanted and abandoned infants increases dramatically. While adoption agencies are overloaded, an increasing number of newborn infants are simply left to die.

Meanwhile, millions of women remember that it was the Conservative Christian movement who engineered this re-interpretation of the US Constitution. How many of them will have any interest in giving their lives to Christ? Certainly it would be few more than those who must endure people who protest loudly (and sometimes violently) outside abortion clinics in the name of God.

The Bible DOES say “thou shall not kill”. Jesus doesn’t make any exceptions to that. In fact, John 8 tells how Jesus forgave a woman sentenced to be executed. This and other examples show that any Christian who claims to follow Christ must be against all kinds of killing; you can’t be against abortion and in favor of the death penalty, if you follow Jesus’ example.

Morality is essential in life. Without it, there would be anarchy. But how many people take the time to consider: What Is Morality?

– Artie See

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  1. Sha Jones says:

    There are a lot of gay people who are Christians that don’t believe that they will end in eternal condemnation because being gay isn’t a sin. The act in itself is a sin, just as the same with heterosexuals who have sex with there partners and are not married. Gay people will fight for there rights to be married because it is only right for two people who love each other to live as they please.

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