Terror Level Drops

Remember all those warnings that terrorists were planning to attack us during and after the election season? You remember right, every time George Bush’s approval ratings would drop a point there would be a new terror warning. Apparently our fearless leader must have scared them off.

Nine months later, the threat level has been lowered, and Ridge, speaking at a news conference last week, said there is no evidence of a plot to disrupt President Bush’s inauguration. Previous warnings, Ridge explained, stemmed from threat reports tied to the elections — not to the inauguration more than two months later.

“There is nothing that we’ve seen, not just today, but over the period of the preceding several weeks, that gives us any reason to even consider, at this point, raising the threat level,” Ridge said. “Normally, it’s an aggregation of information we receive that we conclude is credible over a period of time. But there’s absolutely nothing out there that would suggest we should even think about it.”

Go figure.

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