GOP Asks Stations Not to Air Ad Criticizing Bush Social Security Plan

Source DemocracyNOW

The Republican National Committee has sent letters to TV stations across the country asking them not to air a new commercial that criticizes President Bush’s proposal to privatize social security. The ad which was produced by the group claims that privatization will result in social security benefit cuts of up to 46 percent. In the letter RNC Deputy Counsel Michael Bayes writes that as an FCC licensee the stations must “protect the integrity of the American marketplace of ideas, and to avoid broadcasting deliberate misrepresentations of the facts.” The letter goes on to read “This letter places you on notice that the information contained in the above-cited advertisement is false and misleading.” MoveOn has defended the ad saying that the information in the ad is based on an analysis performed by the chief actuary at the Social Security Administration. [Watch ad]

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