Motor City Mechanics???

Unless you live in or hail from one of the 30 North American cities that hosts an NHL franchise it is likely you could care less about the ongoing lockout which reached 138 days and counting today. Unfortunately I am not one of you and the lack of an NHL season, coupled with my indefinite layoff from playing hockey due to a labral tear last year, has me suffering a case serious hockey DT’s. You can imagine my dismay then when I clicked on the conspicuously lowly placed NHL link at to find the following story.

Detroit defensemen Chris Chelios and Derian Hatcher will sign with the UHL’s Motor City Mechanics, ESPN’s Steve Levy reported Monday. An official announcement is expected Tuesday.

Whaa? Motor City Mechanics? Sorry but who the hell are they? I am familiar with the Plymouth Whalers, Windsor Spitfires and Toledo IceDiggers from the Juniors, but other than the now defunct Detroit Vipers who left Detroit with the departure of the IHL, I was unaware of a new professional team. Go figure, I guess that’s what happens when you have not lived in an area for 12 years. Well, so long as Chellie and Hatcher stay in shape for the Wings return in…what…2010, then I don’t mind.

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