Santorum’s Role in the CON’s Social Security Ponzi Scheme

In their effort to find a way to permanently repay their largest donors, namely financial institutions, the Republicans have been running around the country scaring old people into thinking Social Security is going bankrupt. The good people of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will not be surprised to find out that one of the key players in this Ponzi Scheme is none other than their junior Senator Rick Sanotorum. Apparently Santorum has been hopping from retirement home to retirement home with a highly suspect Power Point presentation. Unfortunately not only does this presentation play fast and loose with the truth it also makes unauthorized use of the logo of the Social Security administration.

Anyone watching Santorum present the slide show would likely think that he or she was seeing a product of the Social Security Administration (SSA). The SSA seal is prominently displayed above the image of a Social Security card, which also appears in several other places throughout the 46-page document.

According to Social Security Administration (SSA) spokesman Mark Hinkle the use of the SSA logo was not approved by the agency.

“Obviously, we would rather not have our logo on it,” said Hinkle. “I think it is understood that using the logo gives it a different connotation than we would like. We wouldn’t want any outside group using our logo, whether it be a congressman, a think tank, or other group.”

Asked if the SSA had asked Santorum’s staff to stop using its logo in Social Security presentations, Hinkle said, “I think they understand that. Yeah.”

It is not surprising that the SSA would want their logo removed from this presentation considering this responses like this:

“After a few slides I concluded very quickly that it was a crock,” said Economic Policy Institute economist Max Sawicky, who first uncovered the Santorum presentation on his blog, MaxSpeak. “You wouldn’t expect language that loose to come out of the Social Security system.”

For a look at this presentation head over to MaxSpeak (PDF).

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