The Shallow Duality of the Republican World

Maureen Dowd hits the nail on the head with the following comment in today’s New York Times:

The same Republicans who used to love AARP when it helped them pass the president’s prescription drug plan now hate AARP because it is against the president’s plan to privatize Social Security.

It just goes to show you how ridiculously shallow the black and white world of Republicanism really is. This manifestation of this hypocricy, specifically this little ad, has now sparked an internal debate within the Republican camp.

“This is not very bright politics,” Michael Tanner, the director of health and welfare studies at Cato, said in a telephone interview. In particular, he objected to an Internet advertisement by USA Next that tries to paint AARP as an advocate of same-sex marriage. “Introducing homophobia and other things that are not relevant to Social Security reform is not helpful,” Mr. Tanner said. AARP says it has no position on same-sex marriage.

Hey folks, if your plans were not so ridiculously lacking in substance you might not have to attack old people to get them passed.

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