Can We Interest You in Some F-16’s

Quick, what is the single most menacing feature of the F-16 fighter?

Answer, it is capable of carrying nukes under it’s wings.

Knowing this, why do you think the Bush administration is so willing to sell a couple dozen of these babies to the Pakistanis, particularly when they will most certainly use them to threaten India?

If you guessed cold hard cash you would be mostly correct. In addition to the administration not wanting France or China to make that sale as it might upset the folks at Lockheed, there is one other factor that seems fairly apparent; they want access to A.Q. Khan. You remember him don’t you? The former head of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program that has been implicated in playing the role of Nuclear Johnny Appleseed to the axis of evil.

A.Q. Khan’s network is reported to have played a significant role in North Korea’s nuclear program, providing it with an alternative way of manufacturing nuclear fuel, after it agreed under the 1994 Agreed Framework to freeze its reactors and reprocessing facilities. In all, A.Q. Khan’s network provided North Korea with both centrifuge designs and a small number of actual, complete centrifuges, in addition to a list of components needed to manufacture additional ones.

Sadly, when George W. Bush agreed to complete the sale of these fighters (the same ones his father cancelled due to the nefarious dealings and known nuclear capabilities of the intended recipient mind you) I am sure he didn’t expect Musharraf to repay him by refusing access to A.Q. Khan.

Pakistan rejected US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s request to allow Americans to question disgraced scientist AQ Khan over his alleged role in Iran’s nuclear programme, a report said in Washington on Tuesday.

Doh! Oh well, I guess that one didn’t work out the way we would have liked. Sorry India, can we interest you in some F-16’s?

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