Italy Plans to Pull Troops from Iraq

Silvio Berlusconi has decided to begin withdrawing Italian troops from Iraq in six months. After speaking with Tony Blair, Berlusconi said, “hey but don’t forget about Poland!”

Ok, so he didn’t say that but he did say this,

“In September we will begin a progressive reduction of the number of our soldiers in Iraq.

“I spoke to Tony Blair about it, and public opinion in our countries is expecting this decision.”

It should be noted that at present Italy has the fourth largest contingent of troops in Iraq. The picture today looks like this:

US: 150,000
UK: 8,000
South Korea: 3,600
Italy: 3,085
Poland: 1,700 (Not to be forgotten)
Ukraine: 1,600
Georgia: 898
Romania: 730
Japan: 550
Denmark: 496
Bulgaria: 450
Australia: 400

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