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One of the greatest results of the 2004 Presidential campaign was that Pittsburgh, due in large part to Theresa Heinz Kerry’s ties to the area, became a hot bed of progressive political activity. The momentum from that cycle has now carried over into several Progressive venues such as MoveON, Democracy for Pittsburgh, and Drinking Liberally. Now a new organization has come together with the hopes of funnelling this Progressive wave to change the face of Pittsburgh politics, Progress Pittsburgh. Here is what they have to say about themselves:

Vision Statement

It’s time Pittsburgh got the government it deserves.

Progress Pittsburgh is building a broad coalition of progressives to transform the governance of our city. Decades of mismanagement by directionless leadership and regressive machine politics have put our city at the brink of collapse. We need a transformation: new vision, new blood, and a new democratic process. We are working to make this transformation happen. We hope you’ll join us.

The national elections of 2000 and 2004 were a clear wake-up call for progressives. Our democracy and the values that we believe should define America are in jeopardy: we are witnessing the end result of a 30 year plan by regressive conservatives to systematically seize control of our society, from school boards to the Presidency. Locally, progressives got busy: unprecedented voter registration and Get Out the Vote efforts brought thousands of new people into the democratic process and we won Pennsylvania. While we can’t take our eyes off the national picture and the clear disarray in Democratic and progressive circles, we must tackle the immediate challenges facing us: unifying our efforts, taking the reigns of power from those who clearly should not hold them, and transforming our region into a model for 21st century governance.

This is our city. Progress starts with all of us. Progress Pittsburgh.


Fundamentally reshape the politics and governance of this region to see progressive values and ideas put into practice. Progress Pittsburgh has both a short term focus – the critical 2005 local elections – and a long term focus on building a model for transparent, citizen-driven regional governance.


  • Create a bloc, in the short term, of 10,000 to 20,000 informed progressive voters that can be effectively mobilized to change the shape of local politics.
  • Bring a broad coalition of progressive organizations together under the Progress Pittsburgh umbrella.
  • Ensure that a Mayor and slate of candidates with progressive values are elected in 2005, and every election thereafter.
  • Remake the local Democratic Party. Replace the “old boy” network with a network of progressive, connected, engaged, well-informed citizens.
  • Build informational tools for a new Democracy that make the political landscape, issues, and process transparent to as many citizens as possible. These will also be the critical analysis tools that drive strategy and decision-making by Progress Pittsburgh and the candidates the group supports.
  • Articulate a progressive vision and platform for the region, and develop a plan for transforming this vision into reality.

Sound good? Great, then head on over to Progress Pittsburgh and learn more.

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