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First off I would like to note that in an effort to speed up the loading of this main page I have moved the blogrolls which use either RSS or to a separate page which can be found on the left titled Alliances & Other Blogrolls. Let me know if this speeds up loading on your end.

Also, The Political News Wire is up to 18 news sources and growing. These sources are:

ABC News: Politics
BBC News Americas Inside Politics
From The Wilderness
In These Times
Indy Media
Information Clearing House
International Herald Tribune
Media Matters
New York Times
PittsburghLIVE Editorial
The Nation
Washington Post
Washington Times Insider

Please leave any suggestions for additional news sources or comments on this service either in the comments below or via email at goose3five(at)gmail(dot)com.

Lastly, Happy Easter to everyone that celebrates it!

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