Peduto Remains ‘Out Front’ in Pittsburgh Mayoral Race

I know that headline might surprise some so let me explain myself. While the other candidates are arguing over who will show up to the debates, Bill Peduto has once again risen above the fray and taken his message to the people of Pittsburgh. Yesterday Peduto released his 12 point plan for downtown Pittsburgh in Market Square, the place which has become the epicenter of the downtown revitalization discussion.

“Downtown Pittsburgh is the hub of the Southwestern Pennsylvania region. The City’s three rivers, bridges, distinctive hillsides, and historic architecture create a magnificent, internationally recognized cityscape. Capitalizing on this unique character to create a revitalized “24-hour” economic, residential, cultural, and entertainment center downtown is essential to the success of our city and our region.” Peduto said.

According to Peduto the revitalization of downtown will require the following:

  • Public Participation in Downtown Development
  • Public Space Upgrades
  • Housing Downtown
  • A Safe and Clean Downtown
  • Fair and Equal Incentive Programs
  • Historic Preservation
  • Connecting all of Downtown
  • Parking and Transportation
  • Culture – As an Economic Tool
  • Targeting Local Businesses
  • Youth Participation Downtown
  • Outdoor Recreation – Redefining Downtown

I encourage everyone to head over to the Peduto for Pittsburgh website, particularly his blog, and engage him on these points and any other issues you deem critical to this election.

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