Peduto Takes the Lead, Will Others Follow?

Like the true Progressive he is, Pittsburgh mayoral candidate Bill Peduto stepped up and signed the League of Women Voters of Greater Pittsburgh’s Clean Campaign Pledge. The goal of this pledge is to keep the Mayoral race clean and therefore focused on “the virtues of honesty, fairness, transparency and responsibility.” Thus far Peduto is the only Mayoral candidate to publicly announce that he is a signatory of this pledge.

“I am looking forward to a spirited campaign in which the candidates focus on the issues facing this City.”

The winner of this race will take control of a city with serious fiscal, organizational, and vision issues therefore it is critical that this race is not clouded by dirty politics. It would be a shame if any of the candidates refused to sign this pledge. For the sake of Pittsburgh I hope they all follow Bill Peduto’s lead and do so post-haste.

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