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I recently received the following message from a reader of Comments From Left Field. If you would like to have a letter published please send it to goose3five(at)gmail(dot)com.

I am a member of the Pittsburgh diaspora living in Maryland with great memories of that wonderful city and it great people. I enjoy your blog.

I am continually astonished and confused, as to how The Good People of Pennsylvania elected this throw back to, to what? Frick and the bosses who called out the Pinkertons? An adequate comparision escapes me. A friend told me he hails from Mt. Lebanon? Say it ain’t so. Nobody growing up within sight of the banks of the Mon and Alleghey and all the Steel mills that once lined their banks could stray so far away from worker’s rights.

I copied this from a link provided by Atrios at Eschaton. I think its called the Labor Blog.

Santorum’s Sweatshop Expansion Bill

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