Right-Wing Terrorists

I know that the last thing the right wants to hear is some lefty invoking the words of the French but that is what I am going to do. While listening to The Al Franken Show this afternoon I heard something that I am fairly sure is a rare event on his program, Al was pissed! It was audibly clear in his voice that he was disgusted and holding himself back from saying some things that could have gotten him in trouble. What was it that had him so disturbed? It was this disgusting display of putrid-bile-spewing-lies stinking up the pages of the Wall Street Journal. If you can stomach it I urge you to read this piece, here is a snip (editing courtesy of Al’s blog):

I do not understand the emotionalism of the pull-the-tube people. What is driving their engagement? … Why are they so committed to this woman’s death?

They seem to have fallen half in love with death. …

Terri Schiavo may well die. No good will come of it. Those who are half in love with death will only become more red-fanged and ravenous. …

Once you know that … human life is not so special after all–then everything is possible, and none of it is good. When a society comes to believe that human life is not inherently worth living, it is a slippery slope to the gas chamber. You wind up on a low road that twists past Columbine and leads toward Auschwitz. Today that road runs through Pinellas Park, Fla.

In my opinion it is people like Peggy Noonan, Tom Delay, and whoever decided “this is a great political issue” for the Republicans to hang their hats on that are destroying America with every word, every action they take. While the American public may be too myopic to see this, the rest of the world is not. This piece from the French publication Liberation sums it up:

The people who are camping under the walls of a clinic in Pinellas Park [Florida], are terrorists. The same people who, in the name of the right to life, care as little as Bush does about the life of Terri Schiavo, and yell “murder” in the name of their “sacred” fundamentalist Christian values.

Matching the cruelty of their language with their convictions, they wave signs equating abortion and euthanasia with “Auschwitz.” The cruelty of so glibly invoking Auschwitz, and conflating euthanasia and abortion, is of a nature that, in trivializing Auschwitz, perpetuates Auschwitz.

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