Taking Friday Pet Blogging to the Next Level

Live-blogging the Labor of Our Dog Buddy ()

9:33AM – This is just a heads up that we are having puppies at this very moment. Two so far and at least one more on the way. As soon as I can get some decent pictures I will put them up.

9:44 AM – There are now three, I am not sure if you really want to see the pictures I have at this point, they are a bit bloody.

10:05 AM – It would appear she is finished at three squeaky little black and white Lhasa Apso/Shitzu mix puppies. Here is an early picture, it is the cleanest one I could get (click the picture to see the larger version – click again to see the even larger version).

11:27 AM – Holy crap, I guess I spoke too soon because she just popped out two more!

11:40 AM – I have some sad news to report, one of the two newest puppies is looking like he may not make it. Stay tuned.

12:05 AM – Sadly the last puppy out did not survive. I am new to this but apparently that is to be expected. But on the bright side there are still four happy, healthy puppies.

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