What does it mean to be a Progressive?

As Drinking Liberally was winding down last night the discussion turned to the debate which has been roiling at Fester’s Place over the announcement that Bob Casey will be running against Rick Santorum in 2006. That debate is very heated because of the fact that Casey represents the extreme right of the Democratic Party. His pro life and anti gay stances makes some question whether he is the kind of candidate a Progressive should put their support behind.

During this discussion some very good questions were raised that I would like to pose to everyone here.

  • What does it mean to be a Progressive?
  • Is it just another word for Liberal?
  • At the local/municipal level (think Mayor) how would you define a Progressive candidate?

NOTE: I have cross-posted this to both the Progressive Blog Alliance and my Daily KOS Diary. While I would prefer for people to post their comments all under this thread I suspect you will find many replies in both of these locations. I am very interested in everyone’s opinions here so please leave your thoughts.

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