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This is by far the Catch of the Day and quite possibly the year!


In a move that makes no sense what-so-ever considering he went from 0% to 3% state income tax, President Bush happens to no longer be a resident of the state of Texas. You see the New England bred Texan brush rancher is now an Illini.

They’ve got a house in rural Texas and a nice home-office setup on Pennsylvania Avenue. But for tax purposes, President Bush and his wife, Laura, claim a Chicago post office box as their “home address.”

On the 1040 they signed, which the White House released last week, the listed home address is “Northern Trust Co., P.O. Box 803968, Chicago, IL 60680.”

White House spokeswoman Erin Healy said Tuesday that’s because Northern Trust handles the blind trust the couple uses for their holdings since Bush took office.

Now besides the fact that he voted in Crawford, Texas not Chi-town and this could explain why he traded Sammy Sosa to the Cubs, which is odd enough, I have one other question.

Is the Northern Trust Company the same as this Northern Trust Company?


Just Wondering?

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