GOP Losing Argument: Schiavo Memo

As I pointed out yesterday, the conservative echo chamber has been trying to turn the Terri Schiavo memo into a reporting scandal on the order of Rather-gate. Unfortunately all they have done is keep the spotlight on what is most certainly one of the ugliest attempts by the GOP to use personal tragedy for political gain. The crux of what is left of the rights argument is that this memo was erroneously attributed to the GOP Leadership when it actually came from senior staffer in the office of Republican Senator Mel Martinez. Now as I pointed out yesterday, this is about the weakest attempt at passing the buck that I have ever seen.

If you actually believe that this memo was created by this staffer with no input from GOP leadership then I have a bridge to sell you. Brian Darling, the staffer who supposedly penned this memo all by himself, is no 20-something volunteer, he came over to the office of Senator Martinez by way of the Alexander Strategy Group, best known for it’s connections to one ethically challenged Congressman by the name of Tom DeLay.

…Darling worked for the Alexander Strategy Group as recently as last year, …the Group was founded by Ed Buckham and Tony Rudy, former aides to House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX). In fact, the Group is a virtual clearing house for former DeLay aides and associates, including former staffer Karl Gallant, who directed DeLay’s controversial Americans for a Republican Majority (ARM) PAC.

If the right wants to do anything to save the plummeting approval ratings of their beleaguered President and his Congressional Ax Man they had better just drop this one. The longer the controversy remains in the public eye, the worse they look.

UPDATE: Martinez is now investigating whether this memo indeed originated in his office…

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