Gore to Launch "Current" News

Since it’s launch announcement nearly a year ago, there has not been much talk about Al Gore’s venture into the cable news biz. While there was significant speculation as to whether this deal might fall through it seems to have survived.

Al Gore announced yesterday that his long-awaited cable network — dubbed Current — will debut Aug. 1. “Young adults have a powerful voice, but you can’t hear that voice on television … yet,” said Mr. Gore, who has aimed the 24-hour news channel at 18- to 34-year-olds who are preoccupied with the Internet.

Of course Gore will have to do much to allay fears that this network will have a liberal bias .

“We have no interest in being a TV version of Air America,” he said, referring to the liberal radio network that celebrated its first anniversary last week. “We’ll engage in the dialogue of democracy.”

By collaborating with internet search firm Google, Current hopes to build a format targeted toward 18-34 years olds that is based on the news people are ‘currently’ seeking on the web. Sounds interesting.

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