Homos Keep "Coming and Coming"

So here’s the situation. In Goose’s absence, I’m trying to put up a post a day. You know me, I like to throw in some news, some humor, and we’re good. But considering that I’m still at work, and I have class tonight, I’m not sure that I’ll be able to provide you folks with the deeply intuitive and relevent stuff that I’m so well known for.

The question is, what do you do when you got a headline staring down at you, and you’re without the resources and capabilities to deliver? Simple. You rip off a colleague.

The colleague in question is Shamanic, a fellow UPC member, and writer over at Simianbrain.

Sha has dug up from yet another party this letter from a local politician here in Virginia seeking reelection over in Sterling. I have no idea where Sterling is, but the letter is simply a laugh riot. Seems the good Eugene Delgaudio is worried about “Radical Homosexuals” “coming and coming” and “getting bigger.”

Give it a read and I’ll see if I can’t get something more worth your while later today or tomorrow


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