Hey, I just wanted to stop by and introduce myself. Goose is going to, in the near future, be unable to maintain Comments for a few weeks, and has asked me to help keep everything running while he’s gone.

A few things about myself. I go by Mr. M, or just plain old M, and originally I entered into the crazy game of blogging with my own political left leaning blog, Left of Center. It was a great ride, and I had some successes there, as well as some disappointments. LofC is still up, but isn’t really what I would call a political blog anymore.

A couple of months ago, a few other bloggers (Goose included) and I started up the Unpaid Punditry Corps. I found that most of my time was spent keeping the wheels moving over at the UPC, and eventually gave up on regular political blogging in order to spend more time working on the UPC.

And then Goose said he needed a guest writer. Bigger audience, more prominent blog, and a chance to get back into politics from time to time, how could I refuse?

So I wanted to say I could never hope to replace our host, but I hope to be able to meet both his and your high standards during my tenure around here.

I was going to end it there, but an article over at CNN gave me cause to give yall a little taste of what I do.

First, I read CNN more frequently than any other news site out there because I’m sickeningly lazy, and CNN is built for lazy people. Short articles, easy to navigate website. Big letters and pretty colors. Pure bliss.

Considering the fact that I would once again wield the pen… er… keyboard in the name of liberal blogging, I decided to check in on CNN, and found another article on how there are some people who have decided to put out some TV ads against Bush’s SocSec plan. How dare they?

Pretty standard fare until I came across something that made my asshole pucker more than if I was handcuffed in a locked room with Rich Gannon and a sign had been taped to my sealed mouth proclaiming me to be “a good time.” We’re talking full on clenching here.

Republican spokesman Brian Jones had said, “the Democrats false attacks can’t mask the fact that the vast majority of Americans understand Social Security faces problems that need to be addressed now, and the American people also understand that President Bush is demonstrating principled leadership on the issue.”

“M,” you might say, “what’s the big deal? It’s just rhetoric. Is this really something to get your panties in a bunch over?” Well, yeah it is.

It’s not the SocSec has problems part that bothers me. In fact, to be fair, this is a similar tune that Democrats were singing back in the nineties, only the GOP’s rendition is like the crappy cover band version. It’s the “American people also understand that President Bush is demonstrating principled leadership on the issue,” that has me worried.

A while back, Goose and I had an exchange about how GeeDub manages to time and again come out on top when he shouldn’t. Despite not being the most voted for president in the 2000 election, he still managed to win the oval office. He touched the third rail of Social Security and still managed to win a second term. He had countless gaffes (“I don’t believe I’ve ever said I’m not worried about him. I think that is one of them ex-agg-ur-a-shuns”). He managed to come out looking cleaner with a questionable military history than a candidate who had not only went to Vietnam, but volunteered, and came back a highly decorated officer. He has firm support from the conservative party despite some of the biggest big government pieces of legislation in recent memory (NCLB, Patriot Act, Ammendment to Ban Gay Marriage attempts). And then you have Quagmiraq. Increasingly since its inception public opinion on that war has fallen. Evidence upon evidence has shown that El Presidente has driven this war about as well as the car he drove into a bush whilst drunk. And yet the populace still voted that he was the best guy to run the thing.

In many cases, it comes right down to this. You’ve heard it before, I sure as hell know I have. “I may not agree with him, but at least he stands for what he believes in.” “He’s confident in what he’s doing.” “Principled leadership.”

The point is that there is a decent chunk of people out there that only care if El Presidente thinks he can do the job, and not if he really can. It helped put him in office a second time in a row, and it’s helped him push through a large portion of his agenda.

A few months ago, I was definitely one of those singing elatedly, “SocSec Privatization is DOA” whilst dancing naked on rooftops. The slipping poll numbers only encouraged me. But if the GOP and those that want to kill Social Security want to follow this tactic of “principled leadership,” color me worried. At least a little.


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