Odd Mix

Being avid readers my wife and I receive offers from publishers on a daily basis seeking to get us to subscribe to their journal, magazine, book club, or whatever. After suffering through a few years of piles of unread publications in the bathroom we decided to be more selective in what we subscribe to. The list is now down to a handful of oddly paired publications; Tricycle, What Is Enlightenment?, The Nation, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (weekends), ESPN the Magazine, Sports Illustrated and The Sun.

Out of all these pubs the one that caught my attention this month was The Sun. According to their website,

“The Sun is a non-profit, ad-free monthly magazine that publishes an eclectic mix of personal essays, fiction, interviews, poetry, and photographs.”

As you can imagine this mix provides for some fairly eclectic stuff. With that said I was still surprised when I opened the April edition and found an 8 page interview with MIT Professor of Linguistics and self proclaimed Libertarian-Socialist Noam Chomsky.

I have great respect for Chomsky in that he seems to be one of only a few people willing to speak truth to power in this country. While I do not always agree with his positions, his interviews are never dull and always worth a read by any American willing to call themselves “Citizen.” If you have the time I suggest you give this piece a read (PDF), I promise you will be both angered and enlightened at the same time.

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