Peduto Gets Some Press

This is my first opportunity to participate in Pittsburgh politics and I have to say I am extremely surprised at the difficulty this city is having focusing in on the mayoral candidate that has the best vision for it’s future. In my opinion this town is suffering from a serious bout of the used-to-bees. It used to be so good, back in the day, blah, blah, blah. It is as if people are afraid of facing up to the reality that the population is aging, business is moving away and with that goes the youth that are this city’s future. People are so ready to throw their backing behind whatever candidate the Democratic party endorses I am afraid that in the process they will miss their best opportunity for change.

With that feeling as a backdrop I found this rather long piece on Pittsburgh Mayoral candidate Bill Peduto. I have mixed feelings about the article as the author did a little too good a job of repeating the negative talking points bandied about by Peduto’s opponents but, with that said, if you take the time to read the entire piece you will likely get a picture of Bill Peduto that is fairly accurate; an embattled progressive mayoral candidate fighting to be taken seriously by a Pittsburgh Democratic Party establishment looking for excuses not to do so. The high point of the article came in the following quote;

In introducing the candidate, Mark DePasquale, himself the son of a former City Council member, Eugene DePasquale, praises Peduto’s work with community groups in combatting a neighborhood drug problem.

“Bill Peduto is one of the finest human beings and the most caring public servants I have ever met in my life,” DePasquale said.

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