Saturday Rant

I am going to rant for a moment so please excuse me.

Reading this article about the resignation of the third TSA Chief since September 11, 2001 reminded me of the main problem I have with George W. Bush. Aside from our obvious ideological differences of opinion, I am most upset with the fact that he chose to deliberately take us into an unnecessary and unjustified war in Iraq. This war has now drained hundreds of billions of dollars from the U.S. Treasury and as a consequence has starved us of the ability to truly secure the United States from terrorist attack.

Let me repeat, we have spent and continue to spend HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in Iraq that should be spent in the U.S. to further secure our airlines, nuclear power plants, chemical facilities, ports, borders, and on and on. This administration’s hard sell of the dangers of Iraq to U.S. security was criminal propaganda pure and simple. Oh, and if I hear one more person tell me “we are fighting the terrorist there so we don’t have to fight them here” I will puke! Iraq went from being no threat (not my words ask Colin Powell and Condi Rice) to being the premier global breeding ground for terrorists according to the CIA’s National Intelligence Council.

All I can say is that if these people are ever going to be held accountable for their deceit we must ensure the Democrats win back control of the Senate. Only then will the votes be there to launch an independent investigation into the actions of this administration.

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