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I had received a comment from my recent article, “The First Hundred Days,” which has turned out to be irrefutable evidence that the likes of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh are warping the minds of our citizens. Here is the comment in its entirety:

You’re blinded by this leftist nonsense:

Bush will go down as a successful president, if not a geat one, because he leads by principle, not the polls (refreshing notion, that).

Having the guts to attempt to solve SocSec is the right thing to do, right now, not in the future. This will save it for ALL Americans.

Iraq was, is and will always be the right decision. If Clinton had any chutspah at all, he would have acted more decisively, and maybe we would not have had 9-11, or the rise of global terrorism. The axis of evil had to be dealt with.

Since Clinton gutted the armed forces so drastically, Bush was faced with the war on terror with an under-staffed and below-strength military. In addition, no-child-left-behind, Ted Kennedy’s bill, was touted at the time of passage as a much-needed school overhaul, but at a steep price. Check out the rest of Bush’s budget, which holds the line on discretional spending. Posted by Xranger

I Love this crap.

Point one, Bush Leads by his balls: As anyone woman will tell you, men are at their absolute worst when they think too much with the wrong head. More to the point. There are some serious things wrong with thinking that a leader who leads by his principles and his principles alone is good thing.

-His principles could be wrong.

-Principles do not equal intelligence. If you are suffering from a fatal disease, or have incurred a mortal wound, which doctor do you want working on you? An inexperienced stupid doctor that lives by his principles, or a well skilled and intelligent physician that may not necessarily always stand by his principles? If you picked the first one, I’m hoping you believe in heaven.

-The president’s job is to serve the people he governs, not to rule over them. Therefore, having your president be at least a little populist isn’t a bad thing. In fact, I’d rather have a pure populist than a dictator.

Point Two, El Presidente’s “plan” actually has nothing to do with saving Social Security. Don’t believe me? Don’t take my words, take his. “Bush has talked for weeks about his proposal to create a system of private investment accounts for Social Security but has acknowledged that those accounts would not solve the program’s financial problems.”

No, his big push for personal accounts has nothing to do with saving Social Security, and everything to do with a slow phase out. Why else would you enact such a program when it has absolutely nothing to do with bolstering the program? If you want SocSec dead, then applaud him because he’s working hard at it. If you want Social Security to live on, then slow your role, and actually think before you speak.

Point Three, first I will say this for the very last time (I hope!). IRAQ HAD ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE TERRORIST ATTACKS THAT RESULTED IN THE DEATH OF 3000 AMERICANS! Okay, with that done, let me explain this little fact. Bill Clinton actually was obsessed with stopping terrorism. So obsessed in fact that he managed to capture, try and convict many terrorists who had killed Americans in the past, and he had towards the end of his presidency actively sought to go after terrorists.

Further, Bill Clinton was particularly interested in Osama Bin Laden. As noted in the link above he had actually tried to kill him once. At a second occasion, OBL was in our sites, but we let him get away. Why? Because his location was adjacent to a civillian hospital. The collateral damage would have been catastrophic. Today, Americans might have understood, but back then Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, etc. would have politically castrated the man. Today the action would be questionably accepted, back then Clinton’s head would have been on a pike. (see Against All Enemies).

Point Four, No Child Left Behind. There is one reason, and one reason alone why Kennedy went with GeeDub on NCLB, and that was to get money for schools. Because, you know, we liberals are all about the learnin’. But, big surprise, Bush used him to garner bipartisan support for the bill, and then screwed him in a very uncomfortable place. You want to know how great a piece of legislation NCLB was? I wrote a song about it, you wanna hear it, here it goes:

-The one reason why Kennedy backed the act became moot. Bush largely stiffed the states with the funding.

-The funding focus on NCLB actually worked more towards throttling public schools in favor of private schools and after school programs.

-NCLB, instead of expanding our teacher’s ability to teach creatively, stifles that necessary attribute, but instead forces educators to “teach to a test” thereby removing the creative learning process from our schools. The negative effects of this are immeasurable, but the short version is that a) instead of turning out a generation of capable thinkers, you manufacture automotons. Something that does not go with Jefferson’s idea of an educated voting populace being required for a healthy democracy, and b) encouragement for schools to find any and all ways to drop low scoring students as opposed to teaching them.

-Safety. One of the provisions of the NCLB program was that it was supposed to make schools safer. In order to do that, you need oversight from external influences, considering that the negative incentive is the reduction of incoming funds. Instead, the legislation puts the responsibility to the states which have largely put that responsibility to the school boards themselves.

Pop quiz: If the funding of your school depends upon your safety rating, and you govern the rules to which define your school’s safety rating will you:

A) Rate your school more strictly, keeping with the spirit of the bill, but risking incoming federal and state dollars?


B) Rate your school less strictly, thereby protecting your incoming funds?



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