THE Definition of "Getting Thrown Under the Bus"

Remember this memo? You know, the one Michelle Malkin donned her tin foil hat for and called “fishy” in a veiled attempt to pin it’s existence on a vast left-wing conspiracy. Well damned if they didn’t find a way to pin it on a staffer.

Martinez said in a written statement he discovered Wednesday that the memo had been written by an aide in his office. “It is with profound disappointment and regret that I learned today that a senior member of my staff was unilaterally responsible for this document,” Martinez said.

He said he accepted the resignation of the staffer who drafted and circulated the memo. “This type of behavior and sentiment will not be tolerated in my office,” he said. Martinez did not identify the aide, but The Washington Post said he was the senator’s legal counsel, Brian Darling.

All of you people who asked for our government to be run like a business, this is what you get; pure, Grade-A corporate American C.Y.A.!

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