The First Hundred Days

WaPo’s Terry M. Neal has a must read article on why Bush has the lowest approval rating of an incumbent president during the first hundred days of his second term since the 1800’s. It’s very insightful, including some opinion on how the Dems aren’t exactly shining stars right now either. What I loved best, however, was Neal’s list of exactly why El Presidente is suckin’ right about now:

-Overconfidence. You know, somehow I knew claiming a 51% mandate probably wasn’t the best of ideas.

-Social Security. See, there is a reason why SocSec is the third rail of politics. It’s not typically referred to as the most popular domestic plan for no reason you know.

-Terri Schiavo. Obvious.

-QuagmIraq. You know what you get if you don’t change horses mid stream? A drowned horse.

-Economy. George W. Bush, making fiscal conservatism an oxymoron since 2001.

(note: The topics were from Neal, the commentary was my own)

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