What was that, Zell?

Motivated more by partisan politics than by national security, today’s Democratic leaders see America as an occupier, not a liberator.

And nothing makes this Marine madder than someone calling American troops occupiers rather than liberators.
Zell Miller, September 1, 2004, at the Republican National Convention.

Liberators, not occupiers. Yeah, I get it. But here’s the problem. Perception is reality. Come on Zell, as a government employee, and a senator, you should know this already.

And he does, trust me. That’s why he got up on stage and delivered this tripe. It was all about manipulating the American perception of the Iraqi War for political gain. But in reality, our perception isn’t really what counts. It’s not us being liberated/occupied. It’s the Iraqi’s.

And they aren’t exactly using the word liberator all too freely.

In fact, just yesterday, tens of thousands of Iraqis marched on Baghdad in order to show that the welcome mat has been officially worn out.

As a funny little side note, another demand of the Iraqis is the speedy trial of Saddam Hussein… two years after he’s been captured. I think that’s called irony.

I could be wrong.

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