A Cowboy’s Army

Fellow UPC member, Fester, has been maintaining an almost Josh Marshall like focus on Army military recruiting problems. For his posts on the subject, I suggest you check out these posts: Link, Link, Link, Link, Link.

Now, I like to think that I had a little something to do with this. In an off handed conversation with him, I had mentioned that if you want a good barometer on how things are going in the military, look at recruiting. I say this because with the military experience that I have, I know that recruiting duty is a mixed bag. On one hand, you get to go home, and when things are good, life is easy. Short days, easy duty, blah blah. But when things are bad, life sucks. 12 to 14 hour work days, driving all over creation, and sweating over whether or not you’re going to make quotea. If you don’t make quota too often in a row, you get re-deployed.

Unfortunately, Fester is a much smarter man than I am, and while I like to think I had a hand in his latest passion, I know better.

Regardless, you should check out his latest update over at the UPC. Basically, at the rate that we’re going, by October, we won’t be recruiting anyone but the small pool of young men and women who will join regardless of the many factors that do affect recruiting.

This latest report coincides a little too neatly with the admission from our Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff that our efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan could significantly hamper our ability to address other concerns requiring military action.

Which all goes to show the problem with a Cowboy’s Army. Get yourself into a war that a good chunk of the populace doesn’t agree with, and then overextend yourself, and that spells uh-oh in my book.


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