Lone Conspirator

Courtesy NPR.

Remember that post about England? The one about how she’s up for ten years and everything? Yeah forget about that. In fact, forget about her entire trial.

The presiding judge through the whole thing out when PFC Graner was brought to the stand during the penalty phase of the trial, and testified that he thought that what he was doing was an appropriate treatment of the Iraqi prisoners.

Mind you this is during the penalty phase of the trial, but based on this testimony alone, the judge declared a mistrial. The dismissal of the previous year’s worth of legal maneuvering was based on a couple of things:

-England had pled guilty to conspiracy. Since Graner had thought that what they were doing was right, that removes the multiple person requirement for a conspiracy. Since you can’t conspire with yourself, this plea had to get thrown out.

-Also, it is important to know that as the judge declared the mistrial, he had also brought up again the testimony of a psychologist that had analyzed England in her youth, reminding us of apparent learning and social disabilities.


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