Maybe He Won’t "Be Back"

“We elected Schwarzenegger to fix the state’s economy,” said my father a few months ago. It was the first time I had ever breeched the topic of politics with him. My dad’s a California Conservative, which is a pretty big difference from your garden variety conservative in that most California Conservatives are liberals compared to the rest.

But back to why my dad thought my home state elected the Terminator as Governor. It was to “fix the state’s economy.” No, Dad, you guys elected Arnie because he was in Commando, and Predator, and my personal favorite, True Lies.

I love my Cali brethren, but we are a little weird. Let’s be honest. And man do we love our Hollywood Governors.

Anyone who doesn’t think that “The Governator’s” star power didn’t earn him his Sacramento office is kidding themselves. And unfortunately, star power doesn’t always last.

For the first time since he’s taken office, Hasta La Vista Boy has seen his polls drop below fifty as more and more Californians feel as though they are getting shafted by Arnie’s “Year of Reform”. Shafted enough to drop the one time action hero 20% points in the polls since January. Four months and the guy goes from 60 to 40.

I said damn.

But why the drop? Who are the people going after Arnie?

Well, when politicians go after you, you can shrug it off, and yes, Democrats are beginning to drool, just a little. Sure, when big business get’s grouchy, they may have a point, but it’s doubtful that you’re going to hurt seriously on a political scale (unless it’s a severe point of contention like you are proposing changing the economy over to communism. That might hurt a little). But when the people who are protesting your governorship are nurses, teachers, and law enforcement, you think maybe you should listen?

I mean, teachers, nurses, and police? Screwing them over makes you look like a hardcore asshole.

So what is the poll slipping Governor to do? Go after border jumpers of course. Because, I mean honestly now, what Republican strategem is complete without a good old fashioned, “let’s protect ourselves from the brown men” act?

As a result, he goes and applauds the efforts of the Arizona Minutemen, a group that, in the eyes of the Bush administration, is a bunch of vigilantes.

And people wonder why I don’t go home more often.


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