Old Guard Becomes New Guard

Bob O’Connor won what was largely a predictable Mayoral primary yesterday. Interestingly the only part of the city that O’Connor did not win a majority was his home ward of the 14th which was taken by Bill Peduto. I want to extend my congratulations to everyone that worked so very hard for their candidates. This election was one of the cleanest in history which goes to show that it is indeed possible to run a political race purely on the merits of the candidates and their positions. I did not see one single attack ad nor did I hear any negative comments from any of the candidates.

On another note, in today’s USA Today (print version) there is a piece on the two cities that held Mayoral elections yesterday, Los Angeles and Pittsburgh. The following quote is for Mr. M, who can’t seem to understand why we can safely hold a Drinking Liberally event every week in Pittsburgh without incident.

The victor in the Democratic primary is favored to win the November election because Democrats out-number Republicans 5-1 in the city. Pittsburgh, with a population of about 330,000 people, hasn’t had a Republican mayor since the Depression.

Just one more reason to love this city!

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