Sweet Irony

Bush is currently on a little tour through Europe to commemorate World War II. His message of course condemning the War Crimes of Hitler and his regime while putting this into context of modern times, thus emphasizing the need to go after tyrants.

So it’s a sweet taste of irony for El Presidente to be greeted in Amsterdam by protestors gathering to speak out against his war crimes. Seems as though the Dutch aren’t too thrilled with GeeDub’s foreign policy.

Neither, apparently, are our good friends the Brits. Tony Blair, Bush’s biggest foreign crony in his conquests in Iraq, gets to keep his job as England’s Prime Minister, but many say not for long. By now you’ve probably heard that yes, Blair’s Labor Pary has won a historic third consecutive majority, but that doesn’t necessarily spell sunshine and rainbows for the current PM.

While the Party may have kept its majority, they still suffered a black eye, and much of that was a result of Blair’s coconspiratorial foreign policy with GeeDub. Further, many believe that Blair is not expected to last at his position, instead ceding his title to UPC member Cernig’s beloved Gordon Brown.


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