Why Would We Think That?

The Chicago Tribune’s Michael Tackett has probably one of the better rundowns of the President’s press conference on Thursday. I suggest you read the whole thing. But I wanted to direct your attention to this little snippet:

“I don’t know if they really see a connection between the president cozying up to the Saudi Arabians [and the prospect of lower gas prices],” LaHood said of the photo opportunity this week that showed Bush holding hands with Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah. “I don’t know if that picture was that helpful.”

America has never really understood Bush’s love affair with Saudi Royalty. So it’s no wonder that some might question his motives when he gets all cuddly with them this time.

For instance, remember “Bandar Bush”? The Saudi Diplomat/Prince that was so tight with GeeDub that he had jokingly earned the first family’s surname?

Documents, including a Pentagon audit, found $8 million in overpricing in the sale of agricultural products to Saddam Hussein by a company tied to Prince Bandar bin Mohammed bin Abdulrahm al-Saud.

Oh no. The exploitation of the oil-for-food program, the single biggest proof that conservatives have that the UN is worthless, corrupt, and should be dismantled, was in part helped along by Bandar Bush. One of El Presidente’s most beloved Saudi’s was redistributing funds and such Back to Saddam. Damn, I wonder why Americans would look upon W’s relationship with the Saudi’s with nothing but distrust.


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