Change The Tone My @$$

Remember back in 2000 when El Presidente first took office? And how GeeDub wanted to “change the tone in Washington”?

I have a little message for Bush. It’s a little hard to change the tone in Washington when you start playing the blame game in order to pander for campaign dollars.

Are the Democrats playing obstructionist? Yeah maybe just a little. Of course, that might be because the current administration is a little off of its rocker. See, I’ve always sided with the Democrats because I’ve always figured that between Republicans and Democrats, the Democrats would be more likely to side with us, the little guys. If the Democrats want to filibuster a judge that I wouldn’t want appointed, I’m okay with that. When they want to stop the appointment of a prospective ambassador to the UN that would probably make things worse, I’m good. If they want to get up in arms over an absolutely retarded Social Security proposal, more power to them. That’s what they’re there for.

But when what is really distinguishing you from other second term lame duck presidents is your inability to work with congress, maybe you could change the tone by directing some of that criticism towards yourself.

But then, maybe this president forgot that he wanted to change the tone. Like he forgot about not caring about Osama Bin Laden, or like he forgot about funding NCLB, or like he forgot that Massachussetts is actually one of the fifty states that make up America (and therefore probably shouldn’t be ridiculed). No, for as much as Bush, and other Republican cronies, try to say they want to close the gap between the aisles, stirring up a frothingly rabid partisan fervor sure seems like a funny way to do it.


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