Democratic Party Reform

Fellow Pennsylvanian Chris Bowers over at MyDD makes a very good point in this post today.

…the more I become engaged with local politics I realize how many elements of the Democratic Party remain profoundly unreformed. In fact, from what I have seen over the past year, it would be difficult for me to believe that there is a less reformed Democratic Party than the one that can be found right in my own backyard here in Philadelphia and here in Pennsylvania.

This is the same feeling that I got when I moved to PA and started becoming active in politics and if you come here often you are aware of the fact that this is a pet peeve of mine. As a result of its long time hold on power the PA Democratic Party, not unlike many other things in the Commonwealth, remains trapped in the past. The good news is this is by no means an untenable situation.

The problem I see is that young progressive Democrats take a look at the system, cry foul then throw up their hands and bitch. If systems theory taught me anything it is that you will have a far greater chance of reforming/changing a system, in this case the PA Democratic Party, if you do so from the inside. Now it is worth noting that the average age of a committee person in the State of PA is 70 so it understandable when those people continue to play by the rules that they are used to. If we wish to effect change within the Democratic Party it is imperative that we inject ourselves into the system.

As I stated in this post the other day, it is my belief that the Pennsylvania Young Democrats provides and excellent opportunity for reform minded Dems to take part in the system. In speaking with the newly elected President it seems clear that the organization is chomping at the bit to involve those of us from the “new media” world. As a result we have a golden opportunity to get off the sidelines and get in the game. I will be working very closely with the Young Dems over the next little while and would like to extend an offer to those of you who are interested including those from Atrios, MyDD and others to join with me. If you truly seek reform there is no better way to facilitate it than to participate.

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