I am a 992-month-old embryo

Keeping a daily blog is not an easy task regardless of what type of blog it is, but keeping a daily political blog is even more daunting. In seeking issues to discuss I spend a considerable amount of time reading what those across the political spectrum are saying and seek items that are intriguing, humorous, ironic, etc. In this search what really frustrates me is the pathetic crap that passes for political discourse in this country. Now I am not just talking about what is being said in the blogosphere, take for example the recent stem cell debate in congress.

Chris Mooney of The American Prospect points out just how utterly ridiculous the debate has become.

During the recent House of Representatives debate on embryonic stem-cell research, there were many moments that made you want to wince, but none rivaled a truly ridiculous statement by pro-life Representative Henry Hyde. “I myself am a 992-month-old embryo,” Hyde declared, in a speech opposing a bipartisan bill to loosen the president’s strict limitations on research funding. Alas, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) would vigorously disagree with Hyde’s statement. A medical glossary provided on the agency’s very useful website devoted to embryonic stem-cell research defines an embryo as “the developing organism from the time of fertilization until the end of the eighth week of gestation, when it becomes known as a fetus.” So although I hate to break it to him, it appears that Hyde hasn’t actually been an embryo for going on 990 months now. You’d think someone would have told him.

I mean seriously, there is a difference between speaking metaphorically and out right stupidity and I think Hyde long jumped his way deep into the stupid end. The lengths to which people will go to dumb down the debate is mind boggling. No wonder 125 million Americans made the conscious decision not to vote in the last election. Who can blame them when they are being spoken too like imbeciles.

If those of us that dedicate considerable time to furthering this debate really care, we need to force our elected officials to raise the bar a little. This is not a solely a Republican or Democrat issue, it is an American issue and trust me, unless it is done things will continue to slide into the mud.

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