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This is what I love about blogging. The following is the entire response from XRanger to this, this and this. Great stuff, thank you.

OK, Goose, I did the due diligence to this and blogged my way thru Gitmo.

First, let me state that I never agreed with the Admin’s position on toture, and how to explain what it is or is not. This is a treachorous slope to descend, and it goes against what, in my opinion, is the greatest aspect of America: the rule of law.

We saw a small taste of that at Abu Ghraib, when the rent-a-soldiers had their frat party, with Iraqi’s as the props, under the auspices of “government contractors.” What kind of shit is that! The ringleaders, and the dubious contractors, should all go to Leavenworth. That is the slope I referred to.

At Gitmo, investigations should go forth. I am more than a little alarmed at our investigative tactics, and the use of military intelligence, for interogation. Anyone who dealt with MI at all knows these boobs are way out of their element. As a suggestion, why not contract out the use of big-city detectives, thoroughly schooled in the ways of interogation, without the use of aggression.

Finally, remember that Amnesty International does have a far-left agenda. They showed their true colors by going too far in their condemnation of Bush’s admin.

In closing, I thought this quote from the Wash Post editorial page was appropriate:

“…But we draw the line at the use of the word “gulag” or at the implication that the United States has somehow become the modern equivalent of Stalin’s Soviet Union. Guantanamo Bay is an ad hoc creation, designed to contain captured enemy combatants in wartime. Abuses there – including new evidence of desecrating the Koran – have been investigated and discussed by the FBI, the press and, to a still limited extent, the military. The Soviet gulag, by contrast, was a massive forced labor complex consisting of thousands of concentration camps and hundreds of exile villages through which more than 20 million people passed during Stalin’s lifetime and whose existence was not acknowledged until after his death. Its modern equivalent is not Guantanamo Bay, but the prisons of Cuba, where Amnesty itself says a new generation of prisoners of conscience reside; or the labor camps of North Korea, which were set up on Stalinist lines; or China’s laogai , the true size of which isn’t even known; or, until recently, the prisons of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.”

The fight against terror is on, and will continue for the foreseeable future. Fight the good fight, Goose, to make sure we as a nation don’t go against our basic principles while it is waged.

xranger out.

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