Sorry for Being So Worthless…

I have decided to make a little change to the blogroll this morning. You see, over the past year and a half I have tried numerous times to contact Atrios for one reason or another but he has apparently never found my communications worth a reply. The last email I sent over was in regard to the Pennsylvania Young Democrats. Basically, seeing that his bio says he is 30 years old and we all know he is from Philly, I was trying to engage him in a discussion about the merits of the Young Dems with the goal of hopefully bringing him on board. I thought the organization would benefit greatly from someone of his reach, but alas this message, like the many others I sent over, remains unanswered.

Therefore, I have decided that he obviously does not need the little insignificant link I have provided to him since this blogs inception. Really, I mean why waste good link real estate on someone who so obviously could not give a shit. So, as of this morning the space in my “Left Field” blogroll that used to be reserved for Mr. Black has now been replaced with a good friend and one that should have been there all along, TAS from Loaded Mouth.

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