Time to Pull Back From the Brink

For many Americans Sunday is a day of reflection, a day to sit back, relax, and take account of the past week while planning for the next. Looking back on this past week has me feeling a little uneasy. This unease started with the comment from Dick Durbin that compared U.S. actions to those of the Nazi’s. It quickly escalated with the insulting comments by Karl Rove impugning the integrity of Democrats and their actions after 9/11. All of this was wrapped up with the ridiculously opportunistic passing by the House of a constitutional amendment to ban flag desecration, something that I challenge anyone to show me a single instance of since the Vietnam era.

In my opinion the rhetoric is simply too hot and is doing absolutely nothing to further the goals or address the needs of America. Now I recognize that I have been just as guilty as the next guy when it comes to ratcheting up the rhetoric on these virtual pages, but enough is enough. It reminds me of a couple that gets into a heated argument. Things are said in the heat of the moment that should not be and often times they are way out of line. I can tell you from experience that it is only reasoned restraint that stops these arguments from going over the line. How many times in your life have your said something in an argument to your significant other that you have regretted afterward? I am sure you can think of some and worse of all, those are usually the cause of a breakup.

I see our national dialogue in a similar situation. The rhetoric is out of hand and at some point, which we may have already reached, it will be too much to pull back from. If we wish to keep this country together, to be the great nation we constantly profess to be, then it is time to dial it down a few notches and take account of where we are. Hopefully then we will be able to recognize the damage that has been done and begin the work of healing that is so necessary.

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