UPC – Gravitational Pullup

Today marks a momentus occasion, this would be the first time I have contributed my two cents to the UPC’s weekly Gravitational Pullup exercise. This weeks question is:

At what age do you think you’ll retire at, and where do you plan to retire to?

The question of at what age do I plan on retiring is a bit tricky. The wife and I have been saving via my 401K and various other investments for quite some time now but in reality I am not The Great Karnac and therefore can not account for what will happen to my nest-egg. We do have a small business that we are running in addition to my work so as that ramps up it will continue to accelerate our plans. As such I will say that I am playing it by ear when it comes to the “at what age” question.

With regard to where I would like to retire to this one is a no brainer. In 1997 I took my ASA Keelboat certification for the explicit purpose of spending my golden years sailing the high seas. Since certification I have logged 200 plus hours of sail time but I would like to keep adding to that. Now, Vicky is not as keen on the idea of living on a boat so the plan will likely require a land based home somewhere along coastal waters. We both like St. Thomas but would certainly settle for Annapolis, MD. By the way, I am thinking the Broadblue 38 would fit nicely into my plans.

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