Wanna Make a Bet?

One of my favorite drinking games in college was Bob, the game where everyone had to take a drink whenever the name Bob was mentioned on the Bob Newhart show. Along those lines I would like to make a bet, how many times do you think Bush will mention 9/11 in his Iraq speech tonight? The person closest without going over wins. Place your wagers in the comments section.

My guess…45 minute speech…15 times.

By the way, Newshog is having a similar contest only there it is how many times Dubbya says “evil.”

P.S. Feel free to take a drink each time either is spoken.

UPDATE. Here are the numbers by my count:

9/11 (September 11, 2001) = 5
Evil = 1
Hard Work (Difficult Work) = 5
Freedom = 20
Democracy = 5

Therefore, the winner with a bet of 5 is…Cernig. Congratulations! too bad he only said evil once 😉

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