What Exactly Constitutes "Concrete Evidence?"

In response to this article yesterday, xranger made the following comment.

“…your cited paragraphs do not indicate specific abuses at Gitmo. Former detainees can have their day in the tabloids, and their claims should be investigated. So far, I haven’t seen the concrete evidence that torture had been inflicted at Gitmo. My guess is that it is Regular Army units guarding them.”

“Finally, the Geneva Convention pertains to soldiers fighting in nation-state armies, not mercenary combatants. The war on terror is delving into new territory regarding the apprehension and holding of these individuals. I’d say that our judicial system is working: the executive branch put forth their system of war crime trials, similar to those after WWII, and our Supreme Court found that un-constitutional. Rather than saying the system isn’t working, I would counter with the contrary.”

I have a question, what exactly would pass for “concrete evidence” in a situation such as this? Looking just at the case of Guantanamo Bay, there have been several reports alleging torture from both respected organizations such as the US Red Cross, Amnesty International, The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and Human Rights Watch; to individual U.S. soldiers that worked there, and freed detainees such as Moazzam Begg released as a result of their innocence..

In yesterday’s article I called for the President to conduct a thorough investigation into these matters but it would appear that for some, the Abu Ghraib investigation somehow expunges any and all allegations of torture everywhere else, apparently including Guantanamo Bay. To date there have been no serious investigations into the allegations I stated above (and many, many more) yet some are willing to simply turn a blind eye to this, accepting the White House spin that these allegations are all unfounded.

If that is the case, and the FBI, Human Rights Watch, The US Red Cross, Amnesty International, soldiers and former detainees are all delusional then I think the EPA should quickly launch an investigation into the drinking water at Gitmo because someone has obviously dropped LSD into it causing mass hallucinations. But seriously, the point is that you have not seen “concrete evidence” of torture because the White House has thus far refused to treat any of these allegations as credible. I am sorry but if The Bay of Pigs, My Lai, Watergate, Iran Contra and Monica taught me anything it is not to base my view of reality on what the White House damage control machine says is credible. Read the links above, search the web for more information, then get back to me xranger.

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