Democratic Crisis in Pennsylvania

There is a ongoing crisis in the state of Pennsylvania that has received little to no attention to date. It is one that effects all Pennsylvanians and if it is not addressed we will likely feel the repercussions for years to come. The crisis I am talking about is the systematic and deliberate denial of the democratic process in this state by the state and national Democratic party. I know this will not go over well with my colleagues in the Democratic party establishment but it must be said none the less.

In 2006 Pennsylvanians will participate in one of the highest profile races in the nation for the seat of junior Senator from PA currently held by Rick Santorum. In an effort to save money, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee along with Governor Ed Rendell and the PA Democratic party immediately came out and endorsed Pennsylvania Treasurer Bob Casey Jr. as the man to run against Santorum. This would be fine except for the fact that he is not the only Democrat vying for that position not to mention the fact that the primary is still over a year away.

Now I am not here to bash Bob Casey, I am sure he is a great guy and a viable candidate, my problem is that it should be up to the people of Pennsylvania to make that decision, not the DLCC or the Governor. Personally, I have met and spoken at length with the leading challenger in this race, Chuck Pennacchio, and I can tell you all that this man is THE Progressive choice.

Until now I have hesitated throwing my support in for any candidate but the stakes are simply too high for me to remain on the sidelines. Therefore I am asking all of you to please take a look at Chuck Pennacchio, his website is a good start as it does a great job of laying out his positions. Chuck has committed to spending a significant amount of time in Western PA – he was here this weekend as a matter of fact – and I will make sure to alert you all to any future visits so that you can come out and decide for yourselves. If you value the democratic process and feel that the people should decide who represents them then it is up to you to make Pennacchio’s candidacy viable.

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