Fighting the Battle Before it Begins

[NOTE: This piece was generated today as my weekly contribution for the Unpaid Punditry Corps.]

According to the politicos in the know, Bush is planning on beginning the process of putting forth his nominee(s) for the Supreme Court next week. As Lokester eluded to here, it is looking like both sides are drawing up their battle plans, in an attempt to decide who will be considered too extreme a candidate. Personally I see this as one of the most important roles of the executive branch since the person that is ultimately confirmed will likely serve a good 20 to 30 years on the court and have an impact on the lives of every U.S. citizen.

As a result of the broad scope and impact a Supreme Court justice holds, it is not surprising that both sides are ratcheting up the rhetoric in preparation for the confirmation process. Unfortunately what I have seen from both the extreme left and extreme right disturbs me greatly. Since I am a lefty I will focus on my side for a moment. Early last week I caught this ad on one of the cable news networks run by MoveOn Pac. The ad basically said nothing of substance, instead it dedicated the entire 15 seconds to scaring the crap out of everyone on the left by speculating that Bush would appoint an extreme, out of the maintstream justice.

Now I can admit that there is about a zero chance Bush will appoint someone that the left will like but on the other hand what exactly would you expect? Do you really think that if Bill Clinton were in this same situation that he would appoint someone the right would like? Come on. The fact of the matter is that this appointment, along with a likely two others, were very clearly discussed as reasons for the left to ensure Bush’s defeat in 2004. We failed and so there you go, he gets his appointment(s). With that said, MoveOn just used their considerable influence and obviously sizeable coffers to paint THEMSELVES as extreme and out of the mainstream. Running an ad taking opposition to an appointment that has not even been offered up is, in my opinion, simply ridiculous. I have supported MoveOn in the past for several reasons but this move was just a waste and will likely help to provide the right with more fodder for their anti-left rhetoric. Stupid, just stupid.

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