Frist’s Flip Flop

(note: It’s a Mr. M 2 for 1 day. I guess it’d been a little better had I done this yesterday when Goose actually needed the extra postings, but then, I dissappoint, nothin’ my parents haven’t raised me on already. Both posts can also be viewed at the UPC)

Maybe it’s the idea that 2008 isn’t as far off as one may think.

Maybe it’s the fact that two thirds of Americans think that Stem Cell research maybe isn’t that bad of an idea.

Maybe Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist has finally started to see a little reason. Whatever the case, it seems that the Good Doctor has changed his mind from stand last month on embryonic stem cell research.

President Bush is expected to veto the bill if it makes it to his desk, but with Frist’s support, there is a much better shot than before that congress can garner the support necessary to override the veto.

In another interesting, and seemingly unconnected story, it’s looking very much like Bush will recess appoint John Bolton as the UN Ambassador.

Despite ABC’s Note fawning all over Bush & Co’s seeming victories on the hill as of late, you put these two stories together, and what you have is the portrait of a president that is losing even more control over a GOP controlled congress. While the Bolton nomination is not big news, and is easily blamed on the Democrats by GOP flagbearers, what about Frist’s Flip Flop?

Could this be a first sign of Republicans ditching the GeeDub standard as their own careers come closer and closer into question (by which I mean of course election, and nothing more)? Or maybe it’s just Frist trying to dive towards the center before the rest of the non politically addicted America starts paying attention.

We’ll see.

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