Terror In London

As you are all likely aware, the people of London were attacked today by a group calling itself “The Secret Organization of al-Qaida in Europe.” Make no mistake, these acts are appalling and the people responsible for them are vermin. There is absolutely no excuse nor any political cause that can be used to justify the targeting and killing of innocent civilians. This goes equally for ANY terrorist attack regardless of who carries it out and against whom. What I find most appalling is that the attacks were seemingly timed to coordinate with the start of the G8 summit, a meeting in which the wealthiest nations of the world were getting together to address poverty and other issues facing the world.

I can say with confidence that the tactics of terror will never achieve their twisted goals. Each and every terrorist attack only serves to further polarize the world against the attackers. Unfortunately this means that those people who, by their inaction, allow acts like this to occur in their name are in effect equally responsible. This tactic is a loser, period. They can bomb busses and subways all they want but it will only serve to further marginalize their cause. In the end, what these people are doing is creating a backlash of hatred that will eventually serve to turn global public opinion against even those innocents these people claim to represent. The only way that acts such as this will achieve their goal is if the goal is a death wish.

All people of conscience the world over should stand today in support for the people of the UK. Pray for the victims and their families, seek out ways to send your support, and most of all pray for the attackers because they will need it most of all where they are going.

UPDATE: For well rounded commentary on this developing situation head over to The Unpaid Punditry Corps. Also, Stirling Newberry has a running roundup of blog reactions here.

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