Christians Declare "Jihad" at Home

I rolled out of my hotel room this morning and was rudely reminded of the real battle that is going on in America by the following headline in the USA Today- Shaping politics from the pulpits. If any of you moderate conservatives question the zeal and power of the whacko extremists in your party you need only read the following quote:

Pastor Russell Johnson paces across the broad stage as he decries the “secular jihadists” who have “hijacked” America, accuses the public schools of neglecting to teach that Hitler was “an avid evolutionist” and links abortion to children who murder their parents.

“It’s time for the church to get a spinal column” and push the “seculars and the jihadists … into the dust bin of history,” the guest preacher tells a congregation that fills the sanctuary at First Christian Church of Canton.

Couple this with the news yesterday that Dubbya is pushing for Creationism to be taught along side Evolution in America’s public school science classes and the battle lines have been clearly drawn. This is the begining of America’s second civil war, one in which the extremists on the Christian right have declared a jihad against science and secularism. Which side will you be on brothers?

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